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The treatment process of microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion includes not only the microdermabrasion but also the important and necessary preliminary discussion with a skin analysis and aftercare. For this, it is essential that the beautician has knowledge of dermatological processes in the skin and how to care for it. This is all the more important with microdermabrasion, as it removes the old horny layer and thus the skin’s natural self-protection. Therefore, the pre-and especially the after-treatment and the products used are of great importance.

If there are no contra indicators, microdermabrasion facial in Huntington Beach, CA can be started immediately. Gentle cleansing and an enzyme peel prepare the skin for microdermabrasion. The enzymes in the enzyme peeling gently loosen the “glue” between the dead horny cells.

The microdermabrasion treatment that follows takes about 30 minutes, depending on the treatment goal. A special treatment head is guided over the skin for this purpose. The crystal’s vacuum crystal microdermabrasion is “shot” painlessly onto the skin under a vacuum. This loosens dead skin cells and removes them directly. With microdermabrasion, the strength and intensity of the removal can be controlled and determined very well.

Active ingredient concentrates and soothing masks effectively soothe the skin. Skin-activating active ingredients that are applied after each microdermabrasion can penetrate particularly well and unfold their effect. Better drug absorption can last up to a week after treatment.

To protect and optimally care for the skin after the treatment, appropriate products with UV filters are recommended. Products containing fat, fruit acid and salt should be avoided. Products containing fat in particular would promote keratinization of the skin.

What can be expected after microdermabrasion?

In the first few days after the treatment, cosmetic microdermabrasion can lead to a deterioration in the appearance of the skin. The effect can occur in particular in the treatment of impure skin through to acne, although this is intentional.

Depending on the intensity of treatment, the skin is slightly pink, but without open wounds. Short-term feelings of dryness and tightness of the treated skin are possible reactions to the treatment that has started. This condition returns to normal within a short time.

After the treatment, the skin needs 2-3 days to rebuild its protective acid mantle and thus the natural barrier function and to normalize the condition. After the treatment, the skin is also sensitive to light and must be protected from UV radiation. Heavy sweating (sports, sauna, etc.), swimming pools and exposure to dust should also be avoided.

Make Your Gray Hair Stand Out as Though You Are Young Once Again

One of the things that would plague almost every person at one point is the fact that we are getting too old for life. You might find that you are slowly losing touch with what is currently trending to the point that what you once thought was hip is now replaced with a new gimmick. As such, it is only natural that you can find the time to figure out that you need to adjust yourself accordingly to fit your age.

However, one aspect of growing up that not many people would appreciate is that we are going to gain course gray old person hair. These terrible hair strands remind us that we are well beyond our youthful glow and that we are starting to show signs of nearing retirement. Some people might receive their gray hairs a bit earlier than others. But there is no denying that there is a massive difference between those with gray hair as a color choice to those that naturally have old and dying hair follicles.

Fortunately, you do not have to contend with bad gray hair for the rest of your life. You can make sure to turn that course gray hair into a fashion statement that people might consider a deliberate fashion choice. All you need to do is learn how to soften coarse gray hair with this information guide

Learn to Utilize The Right Products

The thing that you need to know about hair products is that each item has a specific use. You cannot always consistently use the same products cause it could lead to long-lasting adverse effects such as making your hair turn course. You need to properly learn which products would work with the kind of hair that suits your look and your scalp.

Ensure that you strictly follow through with the instructions listed on every product you bought and always wash away those chemicals every night to prevent them from forming clusters into your scalp.

Haircare is Key

You need always to treat your hair with the proper respect and care that it deserves. Good hair care is more than choosing the right shampoo, although that is also a crucial factor. You should also bear in mind that regular brushing will ensure that your hair stays as soft and smooth as it can be. As long as you do it regularly, this simple act can do wonders on your overall mane of hair.