Floor wax: 5 tricks for a shiny floor

shiny floor

Floors are put to the test every day and consequently, daily measures must be taken to ensure they are shiny and clean. The continuous trampling of the floors makes them, in fact, full of opaque streaks. But how do you do you go about polishing them properly? The only solution may be to use floor wax which will help make it cleaner and above all, make it look like new again commercial cleaning services in Fort Wayne, IN.

Polishing the floor with the help of professionals can certainly be the best choice but, even alone, you can get good results by following the advice of the experts.

Use a rag that is not too dry

The secret to having a shiny floor is not to squeeze the mop too tightly on the floor. When you immerse the cloth, it must be moistened with wax but it must not be either dripping or too dry. Well, it is better not to stress the rag, so that there are no too consistent wax deposits that could ruin the general polish.

We need the right time

Another secret to flawlessly polishing floors is to take all the time you need. If it is true that you want to immediately enjoy the result, but it is good, before placing objects or walking you must wait at least 6 hours, so that the floor can be bright and there are no streaks. After all, following the professional method, waiting is one of the elements necessary for a success.

Wax continuously

Another tip to follow so that the floors are always shiny is to follow treatments periodically. Depending on the surface you have inside your space, you have to repeat the waxing or intensify the treatments over time. Stone, imitation wood or ceramic coatings require floor wax polishing to be done at least every 6 months. Parquet, on the other hand, requires maintenance of this kind once a year. It all also depends on the use of the surface.

The choice of professional products

The secret of perfect floor polishing is to use professional and good quality products. In fact, to proceed, first of all you need a de-waxing agent with substances based on bleach or ammonia, which is quite efficient. In addition, even the wax itself must be of excellent quality, so as not to release harmful fumes above all, also because only in this way will it be able to clean in depth.

Author: Creed