High level Pokémon accounts are making more money

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Pokemon GO has already proven to be a huge moneymaker for a lot of companies involved. Since the title’s release, Nintendo’s stock has skyrocketed, and the game currently accounts for half of all in-app purchases in the mobile gaming market. In fact, even the game’s players are seeking for a way to supplement their income.

As it turns out, a lot of Pokemon GO players have sold their high-level ispoofer pokemon go accounts on online sites to gamers who don’t have the time or motivation to level up on their own. Of course, the price fluctuates greatly depending on the player’s level and the quantity of rare Pokemon included in the purchase.

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The price difference varies substantially as well. Gamers who want to level up to level 20+ must pay exorbitant fees, like $1,000 for a level 23 account. A less comprehensive package, such as one that includes a Dragonite with 1401 CP and level 16, can cost around $99.

Accounts are not only being sold outright, but Pokemon GO players can even hire other players to level up their accounts for them. These real-world versions of Pokemon Day Care, on the other hand, come with hefty price tags of their own. Indeed, gamers may expect to spend more than $200 to raise their level to level 20 or higher.

However, this is far from the first time that Pokemon GO has been viewed as a way for individuals to generate a little extra money on the side. A handful of players have hired drivers to transport them to far PokeStops, which saves time but undoubtedly leaves the wallet much lighter. Then then, if it saves you from a mad dash through Central Park to grab a Vaporeon, the expense might be worth it.

Although paying for an ispooferpokemon go account may appear to some as cheating, other users may see it as their greatest chance to get the most out of the game. After all, rural areas are devoid of Pokemon, maybe dependent on direct requests for PokeStops and Gyms for something to do with the game, while some countries have only recently gained access to the game at all.

Author: Creed